A shot from the World Satellite Business held in 2022. Credits: Euroconsult

Space Voyaging Excited to Be a Media Partner for World Satellite Business Week

Space Voyaging proudly joins World Satellite Business Week as a Media Partner, organized by Euroconsult, bridging the Event and our dedicated readers

In an era where Space Exploration and Satellite Technology are at the forefront of innovation and global connectivity, Space Voyaging is thrilled to announce its Media Partnership with the esteemed World Satellite Business Week (WSBW) event.

A shot from the World Satellite Business  held in 2022. Credits: Euroconsult
A shot from the World Satellite Business held in 2022. Credits: Euroconsult

This year the event takes place at The Westin Paris – Vendome Hotel in Paris, from September 11th to September 15th.

This partnership marks an exciting milestone in our journey to bring the latest news and technical insights from the aerospace sector to our dedicated readership.


A Gathering of Titans in the Satellite Industry

Since its inception in 1997, the World Satellite Business Week has evolved into the ultimate rendezvous for senior executives spanning the satellite value chain.

This annual event has solidified its reputation as the foremost business meeting place for global satellite and space professionals. As Space Voyaging joins forces with WSBW, we are eager to witness the gathering of influential and forward-thinking leaders from international private and public organizations.

A picture of a Panel from World Satellite Business Week previous edition. Credits: Euroconsult
A picture of a Panel from World Satellite Business Week previous edition. Credits: Euroconsult

As a C-level executive summit, WSBW has consistently provided a platform where industry leaders can address critical issues, share insights, and stimulate innovation. For 25 years, this event has been the epicenter of discussions that shape the future of the satellite and space industry.

Space Voyaging is excited to be part of an event that facilitates exchanges, deal-making, and business discussions among decision-makers from across the globe.


A Summit for Satellite Financing

The WSBW boasts a top-level program featuring over 120 speakers (explore the full program here) who delve into topics ranging from investment outlooks to financial analysis, global and regional operators, connectivity service providers, satellite connectivity, IoT integration, and much more.

We are honored to cover these vital discussions that impact the financial landscape of the satellite industry.

Exploring Earth Observation Business

The rapidly growing Earth Observation market, with its promise of new-generation sensors and constellations, offers a wealth of opportunities. Geospatial solutions are transforming data collection, analysis, and presentation in sectors such as climate, maritime, agriculture, and beyond.

The Summit on Earth Observation Business, a part of WSBW since 2009, brings together industry leaders, investors, and government officials to explore the market’s evolution and potential.

About Euroconsult – The Organizers

Euroconsult, the organization behind WSBW, is a prominent figure in the satellite industry. With over three decades of experience in strategic consulting, market intelligence, executive-level summits, and training programs, Euroconsult is a respected authority in the field.

Let's meet at the World Satellite Business Week!
Let’s meet at the World Satellite Business Week!

Space Voyaging is proud to align with an organization that shares our commitment to providing valuable insights to the space sector.


About Space Voyaging

Founded in 2019, Space Voyaging is a Media Association dedicated to covering news and insights from the space industry. Our team of young and passionate Space Enthusiasts strives to make information appealing and readily available to readers at all levels of expertise, from newcomers to seasoned experts.

Through our website and social media platforms, we reach thousands of readers each month, fostering a deeper understanding of Space Exploration and Satellite Technology.

Space Voyaging is honored to embark on this exciting partnership with World Satellite Business Week. Together, we aim to bring you comprehensive coverage of the event, both on this Blog and on our Social Media.

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews, in-depth analyses, and live updates as we venture into the dynamic world of satellite business and space exploration. We can’t wait to share this journey with you, register now to attend and meet us in person during the event!


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