Rendering of Muon Space's configurable Muon Halo™ spacecraft platform. Credits: Muon Space

Muon Space Launches Muon Halo and New $60 Million Contracts

Muon Space unveils Muon Halo™, hoping to reshape LEO satellite networks. $60M new contracts secured for 10 new spacecraft

Muon Space, the end-to-end Space Systems Provider, has unveiled today its latest innovation: Muon Halo™. This cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize mission-tailored LEO satellite constellations by integrating state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions, thereby optimizing mission performance and significantly reducing time-to-orbit.

Rendering of Muon Space's configurable Muon Halo™ spacecraft platform. Credits: Muon Space
Rendering of Muon Space’s configurable Muon Halo™ spacecraft platform. Credits: Muon Space

Founded in 2021, Muon Space has quickly emerged in the space industry, dedicated to designing, building, and operating LEO satellite constellations that deliver mission-critical data for a “safer and more resilient world”.

Their state-of-the-art facility in the Silicon Valley is optimized for manufacturing spacecraft and rapid, flexible payload integration at scale.


Breaking Down Muon Halo’s Innovative Technology

Muon Halo boasts a full stack constellation infrastructure comprising several key components:

  • MuSim: A scalable mission simulation engine that facilitates rapid constellation design, optimization, and implementation. Each constellation deployed by Muon Space is accompanied by a high-fidelity MuSim digital twin, ensuring optimized operations.
  • MuOS: A data-centric middleware architecture designed to streamline mission operations. MuOS enhances efficiency by integrating mission tasks, management, and monitoring into simple, user-friendly dashboards and APIs.
  • MuCore: A software-defined instrument core offering a universal solution for advanced remote sensing missions. MuCore provides unparalleled performance in terms of radio frequency (RF) front ends, compute, storage, and networking.
A Muon Halo's schema containing all its components. Credits: Muon Space
A Muon Halo’s schema containing all its components. Credits: Muon Space
  • MuSat: A versatile and configurable spacecraft platform designed for scalability and adaptability. MuSat configurations span a wide range of specifications, offering the best price-performance ratio for constellations powered by Muon Space’s deep vertical integration.
  • MuDash: A cloud-based command, control, and communications (C3) environment that simplifies mission tasking and management. MuDash integrates mission operations, customer tasking, and payload operations.

Pascal Stang, CTO of Muon Space, highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation: “Our holistic approach, exemplified by Muon Halo, ensures optimal mission outcomes while driving efficiency and performance to unprecedented levels.”


New contracts and successful launch

The announcement of Muon Halo coincides with the revelation of new contracts totaling over $60 million, signifying a significant milestone for Muon Space. These contracts are for the design, construction, and operation of 10 Muon Halo Spacecraft. Further details about the contracts were not disclosed by the company.

“Muon Halo represents a paradigm shift in satellite technology, providing customers with unparalleled reliability, performance, and mission fit,” saud Jonny Dyer, CEO of Muon Space. Dyer also emphasized the company’s commitment to offering an alternative to the industry’s prevailing challenges, such as launch delays, cost overruns, and mission failures.

The introduction of Muon Halo follows Muon Space’s successful launch of MuSat2, which hitched a ride on board SpaceX’s Transporter-10 Mission earlier in March, from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. MuSat2 was equipped with advanced software-defined radio frequency instrumentation to gather new insights for DoD weather programs.


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