Intuitive Machines Nova-C descends to the Moon's surface during the IM-1 Mission, the second of NASA's CLSP Program. Credits: Intuitive Machines.

Lonestar Will Launch a Second Lunar Data Center Onboard Intuitive Machines’ IM-2

Lonestar Data Holdings introduces "Freedom" Payload, a second lunar data center services slated to launch aboard Intuitive Machines' IM-2 Lander

Lonestar Data Holdings, known for its contributions to lunar edge processing and data storage, has unveiled its latest project: the “Freedom” Payload. This second in space-based data services is slated to be deployed aboard Intuitive Machines’ IM-2 Lander later this year.

An illustration of Lonestar's Freedom Payload on Intuitive Machines's NOVA-C Lunar Lander. Credits: Lonestar
An illustration of Lonestar’s Freedom Payload on Intuitive Machines’s NOVA-C Lunar Lander. Credits: Lonestar

The company, founded by a team of experts from the Cloud and Space industries, aims to explore the potential of data storage beyond Earth’s boundaries.

Offering services such as global backup, global refresh, and global restore, Lonestar operates with a focus on leveraging exponential technologies for lunar data management.


Building on the success of “Independence”

The previous mission, featuring the “Independence” virtual data center payload, demonstrated notable efficacy, operating seamlessly in cislunar space and from the lunar surface.

This first mission hitched a ride onboard the Nova-C lander. Also known as Odysseus, the lander touched down near the Malapert A crater in the Moon’s southern polar regions, and successfully fulfilled its primary objectives. Although the landing encountered difficulties, including non-operational laser rangefinders and a missed data flag, efforts were made to adapt and integrate alternative solutions. Both Intuitive Machines and NASA were overall satisfied with the mission’s outcome.

Intuitive Machines Nova-C descends to the Moon's surface during the IM-1 Mission, the second of NASA's CLSP Program. Credits: Intuitive Machines.
Intuitive Machines Nova-C descends to the Moon’s surface during the IM-1 Mission, the second of NASA’s CLSP Program. Credits: Intuitive Machines

Freedom represents a significant progression in Lonestar’s objectives.

Building on the success of Independence, the payload endeavors to establish the first physical data center on the Moon, equipped to provide Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), premium data backup services, and edge processing capabilities.

Constructed by Skycorp Inc., the data center incorporates cutting-edge hardware including a storage device from Phison and a RISC V processor from Microchip, running a specialized version of Linux. Additionally, an ARMAS Radiation sensor, developed by Environmental Technologies, enhances the payload’s capabilities.

The successful delivery of this hardware to Intuitive Machines’ Houston facility in December 2023, following rigorous spaceflight qualification tests, underscores the meticulous planning and execution by the company and payload’s Team.

With all capacity on Lonestar’s upcoming mission already sold out, Freedom hopes to mark not only a milestone in lunar exploration but also aims to represent a new chapter in disaster recovery and processing capabilities.

This achievement hopes to set a new standard for the potential of space-based data services.


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