LarioSpace 2024

LarioSpace: Italy’s Future In The New Space Economy

LarioSpace 2024 showcases Italy's strides in space tech with talks, workshops, & industry experts. Space Voyaging will be there as Media Partner

Mini satellites, space launch vehicles, telecommunications, Earth observation, suborbital flights, and lunar missions; these will be among the focal points at LarioSpace 2024, the second edition of the event showcasing Italian innovations and technologies in the New Space Economy sector.

LarioSpace 2024
LarioSpace 2024

Scheduled for April 23rd and 24th, the event will take place at the Lario Space Center, Telespazio’s satellite telecommunications facility in Gera Lario, near Lake Como, Italy.

With over 300 experts and professionals from Italy and abroad, including representatives from space institutions and agencies, specialized company managers, startups, and science communicators, the event promises a platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.

Space Voyaging is a Media Partner of the event, following the success of last year’s collaboration.


What’s the program

The agenda for LarioSpace 2024 kicks off on Tuesday, April 23rd, with an inaugural ceremony featuring speeches like Luca Petronzio, Vice President of Digital Engineering at Telespazio, and Jonathan Polotto, CEO of Involve Space, the Como-based startup organizing the event.

Following the ceremony, a roundtable discussion on “Challenges and Opportunities: The Future of Earth Observation” will include Paolo Cerabolini, Chief Technical Officer of Thales Alenia Space, Angelo Vallerani, President of the Lombardia Aerospace Cluster, and Jonathan Polotto.

The first day will also feature talks on various topics such as telecommunications, space economy, additive manufacturing in aerospace, AI in space missions, and sustainability initiatives. An interview with astronaut Paolo Nespoli is also on the agenda.

Italian Astronaut Paolo Nespoli during "Fly Future 2023". Credits: Edoardo Giammarino/Space Voyaging
Italian Astronaut Paolo Nespoli during “Fly Future 2023”. Credits: Edoardo Giammarino/Space Voyaging

On Wednesday, April 24th, the program continues with presentations on the impact of artificial intelligence on aerospace transportation, nuclear department technologies and research for space at ENEA, space investment strategies, regulatory challenges of suborbital flights, lunar exploration prospects, satellite connectivity for IoT, and space-based urban farming technologies.

The day will culminate in a roundtable discussion on “Educational and STEM in Aerospace.”


More about the event

“This second edition of ‘LarioSpace’ will highlight the strategic role of startups, university labs, and research centers, alongside major aerospace companies, in fostering Italy’s Space Economy development,” said Jonathan Polotto, CEO of Involve Space and event organizer.

“Various sessions will also cover topics such as microsatellite constellations, space telecommunications infrastructure, AI-equipped IoT systems, future human missions to the Moon, and education and outreach on space themes.”

LarioSpace 2024 is organized by Involve Space, an innovative startup providing launch services with stratospheric balloons, with support from Takeoff Accelerator, Italy’s first accelerator dedicated to the aerospace sector.

The event has received sponsorship from the Italian Space Agency (ASI), ENEA, the Lombardy Region, and the Chamber of Commerce of Como-Lecco. Exhibitors include Tesla, Apogeo Space, Persico, OLM, Leaf Space, BlockDis, 3D Company, and many more.

Space Voyaging will be there as official Media Partner, you can join us: admission to the event is free, with online registration available at


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