A render of Satellogic's satellites orbiting the Earth. Credits: Satellogic

Satellogic and O.N.E. Amazon To Build the Internet of Forests

Satellogic and O.N.E. Amazon unite to monitor Amazon rainforest with advanced EO tech, fostering environmental preservation

Satellogic Inc., a leading provider of sub-meter resolution Earth Observation (EO) data, has signed a letter of intent with O.N.E. Amazon.

This collaboration, unveiled on Earth Day, hopes to share the commitment to harnessing advanced geospatial sciences for the betterment of planetary health and sustainability.

A render of Satellogic's satellites orbiting the Earth. Credits: Satellogic
A render of Satellogic’s satellites orbiting the Earth. Credits: Satellogic


The companies

Satellogic, founded in 2010 by Emiliano Kargieman and Gerardo Richarte, is a vertically integrated geospatial company, driving real outcomes with planetary-scale insights.

With a mission to “democratize access to geospatial data”, the company’s innovative Earth Observation platform seeks to address pressing global challenges, including climate change, energy supply, and food security.

Leveraging patented Earth imaging technology, the company delivers high-quality, cost-effective planetary insights, backed by over a decade of space expertise.

On the other hand, O.N.E. Amazon emerges as a pioneer in the integration of tokenization, technology, financial markets, and sustainability.

With a mission to promote economic growth and enhance social well-being, O.N.E. Amazon’s Impact Fund targets strategic investments across the Amazon rainforest to drive measurable environmental and social benefits.

O.N.E. Amazon's illustration about revenue's distribution. Credits: O.N.E. Amazon
O.N.E. Amazon’s illustration about revenue’s distribution. Credits: O.N.E. Amazon

Actively engaged with various stakeholders, including governments, private landowners, indigenous tribes, NGOs, and private enterprises, O.N.E. Amazon seeks to generate positive impacts throughout the Amazon rainforest territories across multiple countries.


The Internet of Forest initiative

The collaboration between Satellogic and O.N.E. Amazon hopes to accelerate the realization of the Internet of Forests (IoF) initiative.

At its core, the IoF aims to establish a large-scale sensor network, complemented by advanced machine intelligence infrastructure, to monitor critical variables within the Amazon rainforest.

“Satellogic’s mission is to monitor the planet to help solve the Earth’s most pressing issues. We understand the importance of initiatives like the O.N.E. Amazon project, and we are happy to support the IoF,” stated Matt Tirman, President of Satellogic.

The partnership is driven by a mutual recognition of the significance of leveraging advanced earth-mapping technology to achieve the IoF’s objectives.

“Tokenization of the Amazon rainforest requires a granular assessment of environmental and social conditions within a given area of land. We believe Satellogic’s state-of-the-art earth-mapping technology will play a key role in the success of IoF,” emphasized Rodrigo Veloso, CEO of O.N.E. Amazon.

With a focus on enhancing environmental awareness, fostering scientific analysis, and promoting sustainable practices within local communities, the Internet of Forests initiative holds the promise of catalyzing positive change in the preservation of the Amazon rainforest.


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