An illustration of the first Lynk's Demonstration Sat2Phone Service in Mongolia. Credits: Link Global

Lynk Secures Contract With U.S. DoD For Sat2Phone Services

Lynk Global partners with U.S. government to provide vital sat2phone services, enhancing emergency communication capabilities

Lynk Global has secured a significant contract with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to extend its satellite-direct-to-standard-phone service (Sat2Phone) to various U.S. government agencies.

This includes providing essential communication services to entities such as the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Lynk's development timeline graphic. Credits: Lynk Global
Lynk’s development timeline graphic. Credits: Lynk Global

The contract, spanning an initial five years with the potential for extension, signifies a step forward in bolstering emergency communication capabilities. Lynk’s offerings under this agreement encompass SMS text messaging, emergency cell broadcast alerts, and LynkCast weather & information broadcast services.


A sole-selection for Lynk

The U.S. government, a key consumer of commercial satellite communications, sources these services through DISA, the Defense Information Systems Agency. This award follows DISA’s 2022 release of a PLEO (Proliferated-LEO) satellite services solicitation.

Notably, among the 20 companies awarded DISA PLEO contracts, Lynk stands as the sole recipient of the sat2phone connectivity contract.

Margo Deckard, Lynk’s Co-Founder and COO, highlighted the significance of the partnership. “Lynk will enable U.S. government agencies to access life-saving emergency communications to assist the American people when terrestrial mobile networks are non-existent or have failed.”

An illustration of the first Lynk's Demonstration Sat2Phone Service in Mongolia. Credits: Link Global
An illustration of the first Lynk’s Demonstration Sat2Phone Service in Mongolia. Credits: Link Global

“The U.S. Department of Defense has been field testing Lynk’s technology for several years. We are deeply grateful for the trust that the DoD has given to Lynk with their decision to give us the first-ever sat2phone contract,” said Charles Miller, Lynk’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“This will enable the nearly three million men and women in the DoD to use the existing phone in their pockets to stay connected everywhere. No matter what happens,” he added.

Lynk’s innovative satellite-direct-to-standard-mobile-phone system has garnered recognition for its reliability and commercial viability.

Notably, the company currently facilitates text message exchanges via standard mobile devices across all seven continents, with regulatory approvals in over 30 countries. With more than 40 commercial service contracts with mobile network operators (MNOs) spanning approximately 50 countries, the company hopes to revolutionize global connectivity.

Looking ahead, Lynk aims to expand its service offerings to include voice and mobile broadband services, enhancing its role as a catalyst for global connectivity and technology advancement.


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