An artist's render of Millennium's F2 Low Earth orbit constellation. Credits: Millennium Space Systems

Millennium Space Systems Secures $414M Contract from Space Development Agency

Millennium Space Systems secures $414M contract from Space Development Agency to deploy F2 constellation, enhancing US missile defense capabilities

Millennium Space Systems, a subsidiary of Boeing, has been awarded a significant contract by the Space Development Agency (SDA).

The contract, with a total potential value of $414 million, is designated for the development and deployment of the Fire-control On Orbit-support-to-the-war Fighter, also known as FOO Fighter or F2, constellation.

An artist's render of Millennium's F2 Low Earth orbit constellation. Credits: Millennium Space Systems
An artist’s render of Millennium’s F2 Low Earth orbit constellation. Credits: Millennium Space Systems

Founded in 2001, Millennium Space Systems, a Boeing Company, has established itself as a leading player in the realm of small satellite solutions for National Security space.

The F2 constellation, comprising eight satellites along with a ground system, is slated to play a pivotal role in enhancing the United States’ ability to detect, track, and respond to advanced threats, including hypersonic missile systems.


A fire control-quality system

“FOO Fighter may be the World War II term for Unidentified Flying Objects, but this is a no kidding, critical mission that will help protect our country and allies against advanced threats,” said Jason Kim, CEO of Millennium Space Systems.

With the company serving as the end-to-end operational prime, the project aims to integrate fire control-quality sensors into the satellite constellation, showcasing advanced missile defense capabilities. Moreover, Kim highlighted the company’s expertise and dedication to the mission.

“We’re bringing invaluable insights from being at the forefront of fielding the intellectual property and technology that will make the FOO Fighter mission a reality,” he stated.

It’s worth noting that this endeavor has been partly funded by the U.S. Government, reflecting a concerted effort to reinforce national security measures.

“The mission engineering we’ve done is grounded in modeling and simulation exercises, allowing us to understand the payload and its applicability to mission execution,” explained Kim, shedding light on the approach undertaken by the company.

Acknowledging the collaborative effort between the company and the U.S. Government, Kim also emphasized the importance of their deep understanding of the mission, which enabled them to engineer a solution that strikes the right balance between effectiveness and cost efficiency.


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