SAR image of a cargo ship named "Ever Given" blocked in the Suez Canal. Credits: Capella Space

Capella Space Introduces Artificial Intelligence for SAR Imaging

Capella Space introduces AI-powered Vessel Classification for SAR imagery, streamlining maritime analysis with precision and efficiency

Capella Space has announced today the introduction of an automated, AI-powered Vessel Classification feature for its high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery.

This latest offering integrates into Capella’s web application and API, hoping to mark an advancement in streamlining analyst workflows.

SAR image of a cargo ship named "Ever Given" blocked in the Suez Canal. Credits: Capella Space
SAR image of a cargo ship named “Ever Given” blocked in the Suez Canal. Credits: Capella Space

Users can now effortlessly order Vessel Classification alongside their tasking requests, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing latency from tasking to intelligence extraction.

Capella Space, headquartered in San Francisco, offers cutting-edge data and satellite solutions tailored for both governmental and commercial purposes. Additionally, it is the first U.S. company to deploy a constellation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites, delivering high-quality, high-resolution SAR imagery for various sectors, including defense and intelligence, supply chain, insurance, and maritime industries.


Faster, simpler operations

The Vessel Classification functionality is specifically tailored to leverage the intricate nuances of SAR technology, finely tuned to Capella’s high-resolution imagery offerings.

Powered by EMSI, a distinguished entity specializing in innovative geospatial intelligence with a wealth of experience in catering to the stringent requirements of SAR missions for the US Department of Defense and Intelligence community, this feature promises unparalleled insights directly to Capella’s clientele.

“When it comes to intelligence, speed and accuracy are of the essence. Capella’s all-in-one Tasking platform is not only convenient but also effectively minimizes the latency from tasking to intelligence extraction,” said Dan Getman, the VP of Product at Capella Space. “Coupled with Capella’s high-quality and high-resolution imagery, Vessel Classification simplifies the power of SAR to make 24/7, all-weather insights more accessible than ever.”

Capella Space Acadia-Class satellites render. Credits: Capella Space
Capella Space Acadia-Class satellites render. Credits: Capella Space

Capella’s fully automated and secure platform empowers customers to procure high-resolution SAR imagery with Vessel Classification, enabling deeper insights across the global maritime landscape, including near-shore and port locations.

This offering holds implications across diverse applications within the maritime domain, such as supply chain analysis, tracking macro-economic indicators, and monitoring patterns of life.

Moreover, Capella Space boasts an extensive imagery archive, providing customers with access to deep image stacks across hundreds of ports. This repository facilitates more comprehensive time series analysis within the maritime domain, enriching the scope of information available to stakeholders.

Recently, Capella Space was one of the first company to use SpaceX’s Bandwagon rideshare satellites launch service, launching two Acadia-generation satellites – Acadia-4 and Acadia-5.


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